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Binance Laos Referral Code

binance referral code, Binance Laos Referral Code

Are you new to crypto? Binance is a great platform to start trading cryptocurrencies!

If you plan to open a Binance account, you should definitely take advantage of our referral code to benefit from discount fees on your spot and futures trading.

Looking for a referral id for Binance Laos?

If you don’t have a Binance account yet, you can enter the voucher code 42315554 in the referral ID field when creating your Binance account and receive a 20% fee discount for spot (max) and a 10% fee discount for futures (max).

You can simply click the button below to open your Binance account with a 20% fee discount:

What are the benefits of trading on Binance Laos?

Low trading fees:

Binance runs its own blockchain called BSC. The advantage of BSC is to be extremely cost-effective especially compared to Ethereum Blockchain.

Binance Coin(BNB):

If you hold BNB tokens on Binance, you get another 25% discount on your trading fee

How to get 35% discount on Binance

  • Sign up for free using this link(10% commission)
  • Buy some BNB coins and hold them in your Binance wallet
  • You are good to trade!

Earn while you sleep with Binance Earn

Binance allows you to deposit crypto in your saving account and earn interest rates on your crypto. Binance has a wide variety of staking options available. Some are locked for a period of time, and some are entirely flexible.

Futures Trading (Margin Trading)

If you like to trade and win big, you should definitely look at margin trading or trading with leverage. This technique of trading is quite risky, so it is preferable to have some experience in trading before jumping into Futures.

If you are still a beginner, we would not recommend going for Futures Trading or maybe with a very small amount just to get the adrenaline of your first trade with leverage.

binance referral code, Binance Laos Referral Code

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